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Federal Employee Agency Mediation Legal Representative GA Free initial consultation, Fixed hourly rates, Fixed fees available Free initial consultation, Fixed hourly rates, Fixed fees available Mediation is sometimes the most efficient mechanism available to resolve work environment and harassment issues.  Each Federal Agency may have its own policies, regulations, or directives related to mediation of issues not just confined to EEO complaints.  For instance, DVA has a harassment regulation which sets out in detail the procedure to be followed for a harassment complaint without being tied to a Title VII event and EEO complaint.  The same claim cannot be made in both harassment and EEO processes.  The Code of Federal Regulations outlines EEO mediation for informal EEO complaints filed in all Agencies.  Other agencies such as CDC promote mediation not just for EEO complaints, but for other work environment issues. Mediation often requires quick decisions when an offer is made or received at the mediation.  Legal advice is valuable for the federal employee, and even if mediation is not then successful, the ground may be prepared for a better settlement later.  The sooner mediation is elected by the employee the better because adversarial EEO legal proceedings can be lengthy, more emotionally exhausting — and a judge’s decision may be hard to predict. Bev Bates is a former JAG officer who for 4 years was assigned to Defense Appellate Section of Army Judiciary, where he argued and briefed court-martial appeals before the civilian U. S. Court of Military Appeals in Washington, DC.  In 1974 he co-founded a law office, Bates & Baum, in Atlanta after 8 years of additional federal court experience as an Assistant U. S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia representing federal agencies and officials. Representing federal employees in private practice since 1974, his law firm is located at 3151 Maple Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, 404-262-6272.  He offers no charge initial telephone inquiries from federal employees seeking counsel, and does not delegate telephone or client legal work to paralegals. He is open to consideration of fixed fees or “pay as you go” based on hourly charge for his necessary time without needing a sizable retainer. 

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