Ballots Are Not Tallied Unless At Least 50 Percent Of The 5,400 Eligible Households Cast Votes For Board Members — A Requirement That Hasn’t Been Met Since 2009.

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A Los Angeles Superior Court judge last week ordered the association and a group of activists to engage in mediation to work out a settlement of a  lawsuit filed last May contesting association rules for board elections. The Residents for Open Board Elections and resident L. Ried Schott filed the suit in an effort to lower the required number of votes for an election to be considered valid. Ballots are not tallied unless at least 50 percent of the 5,400 eligible households cast votes for board members — a requirement that hasn’t been met since 2009. Each time the quorum isn’t met, board members usually reappoint themselves. After an extended election period still did not yield enough votes to qualify, Judge Ruth Kwan in late February ordered the homes association to unofficially count the ballots  cast. At a court hearing last week, the lawyer representing the homes association, Brant Dveirin, objected to disclosing the vote count for the court record, but it was revealed that the four ROBE challengers were the top vote-getters for the five board seats. “They’re angry, they don’t want the results out there,” said Jeff Lewis, the attorney representing Schott and ROBE. While the president of the board of directors, Philip Frengs, said the two parties agreed to keep the count confidential while a settlement is worked out, Lewis said that agreement was only meant for the week before the court hearing.

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